Coming Soon-ish to a Theatre Near You….

G.K. Chesterton’s Manalive!

Jaded journalist Michael Moon believes that life at the dreary boarding house where he resides with a colourful cast of world-weary characters is destined to be just one long, insufferable series of dull days and duller nights, until a mountain of a jolly man moves into the room down the hall. Innocent Smith blows in on the wind like a monsoon of happy adventure, breathing new life and new possibilities into the residents of Beacon House. Suddenly, their world is turned upside down as this indomitable stranger stirs his neighbors to patriotic passion, and they declare themselves a new country in the midst of society. The new-minted nationalists become intoxicated with newly realised freedom and thoughts of creative vision, rediscovering their collectively abandoned childhood joy and playfulness. Eventually a detective arrives on the scene to accuse Smith of being a dangerous criminal who has abandoned his wife and embarked on a globe-trotting crime spree of murder and thievery. The newly-minted citizens of Beacon, lead by Michael Moon, refuse to extradite the unrepentant criminal from their sovereign country, demanding instead that Innocent Smith be tried for his crimes at their own dining room table. The question on every mind: Is Smith really Innocent?

Chesterton’s genius 1912 comedic novel has long needed a faithful, visual retelling for the silver screen, and Moonhunt Media is working tirelessly to bring that vision to life.

Thief, murderer, lunatic….Innocent. COMING ALIVE SOON…ISH.